Photos of Gypsum Rotary dryer

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Technical Parameter of Gypsum Rotary dryer

Model  specification Volume
Charge  (t) Rotate  speed(r/min) Motor  power(kw) Weight  of  the  equipment
KSGD1 Φ 1.2× 3m 3.4 1 15.5 3 3.2
KSGD 2 Φ 1.5× 3.6m 6.4 2 13.7 5.5 4.7
KSGD 3 Φ 1.5× 4.6m 8.2 3 13.7 7.5 5.8
KSGD 4 Φ 2× 3.6m 12 4 11.2 11 7.5
KSGD 5 Φ 2× 4.6m 15 5 11.2 15 8.8

Brief Introduction and Application of Gypsum Rotary dryer

Desulfuration Gypsum Rotary Dryer is a low fuel consumption and long working life drying equipment. It is designed by Winnermac machinery Factory of Zhengzhou City in China, it can dry materials of high moisture or strong stickiness, such as cassava chips, sand, coal slime, chicken manure dryer etc. 
Desulphurization gypsum rotary dryer is short for KSGD. Intermittent drum Gypsum powder Wok mainly consists of steel machine base, wok, frying pan which has scatter plate, stock guide, riding ring and transmission mechanism. Wok was installed on the furnace, so the furnace body can get the heat directly. Then the heat was passed to gypsum and fry the gypsum in this way. The wok machine use intermittent way to charge or discharge the material and timing frying. This machine is specialized developed for frying β -semi-hydrated gypsum powder and architectural gypsum podwer on the base of the technology of rotary dryer and food wok machine. 

Structure and Characteristics of Gypsum Rotary Dryer

Main structure:

1,hopper; 2.pre-roll ring; 3.after-roll ring; 4.big gear; 5.small gear; 6.drying roller; 7.roller block; 8.discharging port; 9.cyclone; 10.draft fan; 11.variable motor; 12.reduction gear; 13.furnace body; 14.other components. 

1. Can make use of the chemical gypsum ( desulfurization gypsum, phospho gypsum, etc...) to fry to β -semi-water gypsum powder directly; 
2. Ensure the requirements of burning gypsum powder precise control frying time and temperature in the process. 
3. Exit design of wok machine is reasonable, operation without dust pollution, 
4. Intermittent feeding and discharging materials can pressure fire and shuYXown furnace, when open furnace again, 3 minutes latter, it can be put into normal operation. 
5. Equipped gas stove and boiling furnace supply the heating, the exhaust heat can be recycling( boiling water or heated air). 

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