Compound fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

Compound fertilizer machine
Compound fertilizer machine widely used in compound fertilizer factory, general calcium granulating factory, waste disposal factory and sewage treatment factory´╝îetc.

Organic fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

Organic fertilizer machine
Organic fertilizer machine is commonly used to process different fermented organic substance into bio-organic fertilizer.

BB fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

BB fertilizer machine
BB fertilizer machine we also call it bulk blending fertilizer machinery, formula fertilizer machinery around the world.

Inorganic fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

Inorganic fertilizer machine
Inorganic fertilizer machine commonly be kown as double roller granulator,it is especially be designed to product inorganic fertilizer at the first time.

NPK fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

NPK fertilizer machine
NPK fertilizer machine is a kind of equipment which can use to product compound fertilizer, and the raw material normally are Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.

Urea fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

Urea fertilizer machine
Urea fertilizer machine is widely used in chemical and metallurgical, mining, feed, food and other industries.

SSP,TSP fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

SSP,TSP fertilizer machine
SSP,TSP fertilizer machine ,we are professional manufacturer of SSP fertilizer granulation plant, TSP fertilizer granulation plant in China.

Sulfur based,Ammoniation fertilizer production line,fertilizer machine

Sulfur based,Ammoniation fertilizer machine
Sulfur based,Ammoniation fertilizer machine The yearly output of this sulfur based, ammoniation fertilizer granulation equipment ranges from 50kt to 300kt.

Rotary granulator,fertilizer machine

Rotary granulator
Rotary granulator as one of the key equipments in fertilizer industry, The cylinder body adopts special stainless steel or rubber plate lining structure.

Pan granulator,fertilizer machine

Pan granulator
Pan granulator is applicable to smaller scale fertilizer production of medium, and low concentration.

Vertical mixer(pan mixer),fertilizer machine

Vertical mixer(pan mixer)
Vertical mixer(pan mixer) is widely applicable to the industrids such moulded coal,foundry,refractiries,building mat-erial,condtuction,chemical industry and metallurgy etc.

Dewatering Machine(cow dung dewaterting machine),fertilizer machine

Dewatering Machine(cow dung dewaterting machine)
Dewatering Machine(cow dung dewaterting machine) will separate the original livestock manure to liquidand solid organic fertilizer: the liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used forcrops

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