Photos of Tailings recovery machine

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Technical Parameter of Tailings recovery machine

Equipment type
Production capacity(t/h)
Power distribution(kw)
Equipment weight(t)
Equipment size(mm)

Introduction and Structure of Tailings recovery machine
The product is used to process iron ore tailings for the recovery, the loss of SP not to make full use of resources effectively.
  Tailings recovery equipment is China's recent election (iron) mining industry, tailings production and recycling of used-to-date machinery. Its production: Mine is a waste of mineral processing equipment for re-election of the net, recovery, the recovery rate reached a new level of the sector, the production of its single, unique way, (also available with the mill, grind, and other devices) Maximum limit to save at the end of the state-owned mineral
  Source. It was the best materials, design and reasonable structure, easy to use and high economic returns. Iron mining in the election, from irreplaceable role in the country each year to restore hundreds of millions of dollars of economic losses, is more user took to get rich, it benefits the country and broad prospects, the market potential is more The laid-off workers, people get rich mining area well-off capable of extremely helpful in our hands linked to production and recovery Mineral our industry to a new level of the King to make our contribution to the community.
Tailings recovery machine is one of our new developed products on the basis of the advanced experience of foreign countries. This product is very suitable for the efficient recovery and utilization of the magnetic materials from waste slurries. Its magnetic system is made up of a group of bare-mounted magnets, which are arranged according to a certain gap. The magnetic system has a direct effect on the magnetic materials. Under strong magnetic field intensity and a large gradient effect, the recovery rate can be as high as 85%-95%. In particular, with the V-shaped scraper and their self-gravity, the magnetic materials can be discharged without water or less water. This machine is widely used in metallurgy, mining, nonferrous metals, gold, building materials, electricity, coal preparation plants, iron and steel plants (steel slag), sintering plants and etc.
Tailings Reclaimer of permanent magnetism is a kind of mechanical equipment in wet separation of the materials of strong magnetism in the granular of powder situation. This machine is used for recovering tailings in iron ore process. It does not run off mineral powder to make full use of effective resources.

Working principle and Usage of Tailings recovery machine
Tailings Recovery Machine is composed of five main parts which are magnetic plates, ore-unloading equipment, ore collector, chute and body frame. After the pulp flows into the chute from one port of it, the magnetic materials will be absorbed on the surface of the magnetic plate fixed in the chute, and the nonmagnetic pulp will be discharged from the other port of it. Under the action of rotating magnetic plates, the magnetic materials are exposed from the pulp level and enter the unloading area. Being thrown into the ore collector by the ore-unloading chute, the magnetic materials will be collected and output by the ore collector.

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