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Screw Conveyor,shaft screw conveyor,vertical screw conveyorScrew Conveyor,shaft screw conveyor,vertical screw conveyor

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Brief Introduction of Screw Conveyor :
Screw Conveyor is situable for conveying powdery, granular and small block materials such as coal, sand, range coal and sand, cement and grain and so on, and is not situable for conveying materials with easy metamorphic, large viscosity and easy caking.

Price: negociable
Brand Name: King State
MOQ: 1 Set
Payment Terms T/T,L/C
Delivery Time: 10-15 days
Shipping Port Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai
Certification ISO2000,SGS

Technical parameter of Screw Conveyor:

type-specification conveying length capacity motor power(kw) weight(t)
coal(T) cement(T) raw(T)
GX200×10M 3-70M 8.5 7.9 7.3 2.2 0.7
GX250×10M 3-70M 16.5 15.6 13.8 3 0.95
GX300×10M 3-70M 20 21 18.7 3 1.4
GX400×10M 3-70M 54 51 45 5.5 2.1
GX500×10M 3-70M 79 84.4 74 7.5 3.2

Application of Screw Conveyor
Winnermac We has always devoted to technology research of machinery equipment for many years, and the factory of Screw Conveyor specializes in producing Screw Conveyor of every kind. It has the best production equipment, outstanding technical research and development team and produces the best Screw Conveyor for you. Experts with rich experience in Screw Conveyor provide specialized process information about Screw Conveyor for you. This is the ideal choice for you to invest mineral processing industry.
Advantages of Screw Conveyor
1. Capable of handling a great variety of bulk materials from sluggish to free-flowing.
2. Multiple inlet and discharge points can be achieved. Bulk materials can be conveyed and distributed to various locations as required. Slide gates or valves can be added to control the flow into and out of a screw conveyor.
3. Compact design assured it's adaptability to a congested locations.
4. Fully sealed structure ensures no dust leakage. Can be utilized in horizontal, or any inclined position depending upon the characteristics of the product being conveyed.
5. Screw conveyors can be used to cool, heat or dry products during transit process. Depending on the heat transfer requirements, it can be jacketed, or a hollow-flight design utilized to provide the necessary heat transfer for the application.
6. Screw conveyors can be designed to be vapor-tight or hold an internal pressure. ( this is very important when conveying toxic or hazardous products such as those in the chemical industry ) screw conveyors can provide an air lock between upstream and downstream equipment.

Screw Conveyor,shaft screw conveyor,vertical screw conveyor
Our Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of mineral processing machines and its auxiliary equipment, like belt conveyor, bucket elevator,screw conveyor,vibrating feeder,vibrating screen and rotary screen,we can offer you the size of machine according to your requirments.
The Conveyor Screw imparts a smooth positive motion to the material as it rotates within the trough.Couplings and Shaftconnect and transmit motion to the subsequent screw conveyors. Held in place by self-locking Tem-U-Lac bolts.Hangers provide support, maintain alignment and serve as bearing surfaces.Troughs and Conveyors completely enclose the material being conveyed and the rotating parts. Covers are available in various types and are secured to the trough by spring, screw, tite-seal, or quick-acting barron clamps, depending on the trough being used. Also available as in a tubular configuration with no cover required.Inlet and Discharge Openings may be located wherever needed, discharge spouts may be without slides or fitted with either flat or curved slides. These slides may be operated by hand, rack and pinion gears, or by power.
Screw Conveyor,shaft screw conveyor,vertical screw conveyor
Most of our old clients have purchased or been planning to purchase a second production line to enlarge the manufacturing capacity owing to our good quality and best after-sales service .We have been relying on high-quality products, advanced technology, reasonable price, and good after-sales service to meet the requirements of all the users.

Why choose us
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3. Product Delivery
We have developed long and good relationship with many shipping agents. Ocean freight partners are: APL, COSCO, OOCL, CSCL, MSC, etc.
4. If you are new for this business, we will help you
Many thanks for your trust; we can provide you with design scheme for complete production lines, spot inspection and operator training according to your demand.

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